I would carry my camera when I took walks around Lakewood On The Green when I lived there because of all the interesting critters I would run into.

Three Ibis (I think) stroll the neighborhood.

Look hard at the black circle half way up the tree--an Iguana. Of course the day I saw one close up I didn't have my camera :(



This squirrel let me get a bit closer


Mama duck helps her ducklings get their feet wet. She's eyeing me carefully.



Papa Duck? He's not admitting to anything.

A couple of months later....



And a month after that...

A closer view....



Possible papa duck still refuses to be interviewed.

By September 12th, just four young ducks still hangin' with Mama. Hope the others just left home & are still surviving.



A couple more ducks...


Mr. Broke Wing

Iguana Encounter