For about the last five years of my sojourn at Lakewood On The Green, I had an old friend, Mr. Broke Wing. The pictures show why this fiesty old survivor had that name. I don't know how he came to have the broken or deformed wing, but he never could fly. He would spot me from 100 yards away and come waddling my way, knowing I would have tasty bread for him.

Will he let me get close?



Well, maybe, if you've got something good...


Pretty tasty.



My old friend on March 24, 2012, the last time I saw him before moving to Pennsylvania. A kindly lady said she'd look after him.


In February 2013, on a visit to Florida, guess who I found still hanging out at Lakewood On The Green! At first he had to ponder who I was, but soon he was eating bread from my hand. I was able to thank the nice lady who looks after him and some of his friends.


In February 2014, on the next visit to Florida, we had a nice visit with Mr. Broke Wing and his "Mom," here giving him breakfast.


November 2, 2014. A Sad Day At Lakewood On The Green. I received the following e-mail from Mr. Broke Wing's "Mom" Doris, the wonderful lady who cared for him and other critters: "We woke up to a 49 degree day here in South Florida and you know us old folk do not handle the cold weather well. With that said, neither did Mr. Broke Wing. It is with so much sadness that I write this message to let you know that Mr. Broke Wing passed during the night. Mr. Broke Wing really slowed up these past few months and I worried about the upcoming winter months. For the ducks, it wears on them when they are old and become weak, just like us I guess. I want you to know so many of the neighbors looked after him even helping him cross the street when necessary. He pretty much stayed in my yard most of the time as he knew his food source, etc. He got to a point he ate sitting down and only walked ten or more steps before resting. Mr. Broke wing passed peacefully. I found him first thing this morning in his usual spot by the canal. There was no sign of trauma and just knowing he had a good dinner last night that consisted of spaghetti, a bowl of wild bird seed and some slightly moistened whole wheat bread. I buried Mr. Broke wing in my front yard under my new guava tree where he spent most nights. And yes, I buried him with a red solo cup. Attached is a photo taken of him a week or so ago. I am so sorry he is gone, but know he was very well cared for by many of us here in Lakewood..... I am still crying as I write this. He will be missed !" I too, shed some tears.